SEarch Engine optimisation

(SEO) for Accountants

What’s SEO?

The really short answer, is that SEO is the process of making Google like your website, because when Google likes your website, they’ll push you up their rankings, which means more people will see and visit your website.

For accountants this matters because it makes you and your business easy to find for people searching online. Which will give you more web traffic, and every person who visits your website is a potential client.

The key difference between the SEO and search engine marketing, is that with SEO you don’t pay per person that arrives on your website, which makes it a really effective way to reduce your marginal cost of customer acquisition.

Key Factors For SEO

There are a lot of factors that determine how well a website performs when it comes to SEO, but here are a few of the key ones in a bit more detail.


Unique Quality Content

Google likes websites that are updated often, but can spot plagiarised content, so for top results post content often.

Brand Value

Google increasingly cares about your brand, which it measures through ‘domain authority’, bigger domain authority is better. 

Back Links

To measure the quality of your website Google will out at how many people link to you, and just more is not better. 

Key Word Strategy

Google shows websites that relate to specific terms which people type in. How much traffic your SEO gets you will depend on what key words you target. 

Web Design

Google hates slow, insecure websites and website that are not mobile optimised, if you’ve not got these things covered you’ll never rank well. 


White Hat Techniques

White hat essentially means legitimate moves, old techniques that used to fool Google no longer work, and if you try them you will get punished. 

Our team have many years of digital experience.

Bring it to bear on your website, so you can get the most out of your organic traffic.

We can’t cover everything 

We’ve only got a page here which is not enough to cover all of our SEO knowledge. Get in touch to learn more, or see how our SEO packages can help you get found online. 

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